Crescent Stall Plates

As discussed in last Monday’s post, I’ve decided that the stall for my project will be for Crescent Principal Herald. I was the 14th Crescent, out of 15. By the time the next Pentathlon will roll around, there will probably be a 16th person added to the line of Crescent Heralds. While not all of them are going to have stall plates entered into the competition, the completist in me wanted to do a plate for every person to have held the job, to be displayed on the Sunday of Pentathlon with the rest of the stall’s accouterments. Below is the list of people who have held the position of Crescent Principal Herald:

  1. Conrad von Regensburg
  2. Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood
  3. Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme
  4. Akagawa Yoshio (now known as Al-Haadi abd-al-Malik Husam ibn Khalid)
  5. Zenobia Naphtali
  6. Rouland Carre
  7. Catrin ferch Dafydd
  8. Eiríkr Mjoksiglandi Sigurðarson
  9. Madawc Seumus Caradawg
  10. Dietmar von Straubing
  11. Jeanne Marie Lacroix
  12. Lachlan of Cromarty
  13. Su of the Silver Horn
  14. Cormac Mór
  15. Paul fitz Denis

As a point of interest, this list includes one Laurel King of Arms (Bruce) and three Wreath Sovereigns of Arms (Zenobia, Jeanne Marie, and myself).

The great thing about doing stall plates for heralds is that, as a group, we tend to have clean, period-looking heraldry, including registered badges which are perfect for crests, as seen in the table below:


Name Arms Registered badges suitable for use as a crest
Conrad von Regensburg Gules, a decrescent and a chief nebuly argent Gules semy of decrescents argent. (perhaps displayed on a wing)
(Fieldless) A musimon’s head cabossed argent, armed Or, orbed and charged upon the forehead with a decrescent gules.
Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood Azure, two spears in saltire and in chief a mullet Or (Fieldless) A unicorn’s head erased azure.
Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme Azure, on a chief embattled argent a dragon couchant azure winged sable (Fieldless) A dragon couchant azure, winged sable, maintaining between its forefeet a mullet Or.
Akagawa Yoshio Sable, a hexagon voided within another argent. (Fieldless) A crescent bendy sinister sable and argent.
Zenobia Naphtali Per chevron Or and sable, three griffin’s heads, erased and sinister facing, counterchanged (Fieldless) A stag springing to sinister reguardant sable.
Rouland Carre Argent, on a bend cotised azure within an orle gules, in chief a Latin cross argent. (Fieldless) A Latin cross azure issuant from between the tines of a stag’s attires gules.
Catrin ferch Dafydd Per pale azure and sable, in pale a bar and a rose palewise, slipped and leaved, argent Azure, a rose, slipped and leaved, within a bordure dovetailed argent.
(perhaps displayed on a wing)
Eiríkr Mjoksiglandi Sigurðarson Per chevron gules and Or, three phoenixes counterchanged (Fieldless) A demi-eagle displayed gules issuant from an estoile Or.
Madawc Seumus Caradawg Argent, a dragon’s head, erased and sinister facing, gules, within a bordure vert Vert, three straight trumpets fesswise in pale Or.
Dietmar von Straubing Or, a cross moline azure between four seeblatter, points to center, vert (Fieldless) A seeblatt vert.
Jeanne Marie Lacroix Party of six vert and Or (Fieldless) A unicorn’s head couped sable.
(Fieldless) A werewolf passant reguardant vert.
Lachlan of Cromarty Per bend wavy Or and azure, a bend wavy counterchanged (Fieldless) A hand proper sustaining two teasels slipped in saltire Or.
Su of the Silver Horn Chevronelly sable and argent, on a chief vert a drinking horn argent (Fieldless) A drinking horn palewise argent enfiling a pearled coronet Or.
(She prefers “a bat-winged cat sejant, wings addorsed vert, fimbriated Or,” a reference to her previous device)
Cormac Mor Per fess with a right step Or and argent. (Fieldless) A brown bear’s head erased proper.
Paul fitz Denis Quarterly per fess indented sable and argent. (Fieldless) A goat statant argent.

As you can see, both the arms and the badges are almost uniformly clean and simple. Of the 15 devices, 5 are field-primary, 4 use only one type of charge, and all but one have two or fewer charges in their design. Likewise, all but two have a fieldless badge that lends itself immediately to use as a crest, and the last two have fielded armory that can be displayed on a wing/fan/similar display.

The next step in this project is to sketch the designs for the plates, and begin to refine the three I plan to enter into the competition.

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