cormaccoronet brownhoodGreetings, and welcome to my site. I’m Baron Cormac Mór, and I’m the founder and head of Poore House, aka Lord Poore. I’ve recently stepped down as Crescent Principal Herald of the Kingdom of Caid.

It’s been a long time since I updated this page, and I’ve not yet been able to integrate my new status as a Court Baron and Companion of the Order of the Pelican into my existing 14th century Irish monastic persona; please bear with me as I retool who Cormac is.

When not piloting the Caidan College of Heralds or running the House, I am mild-mannered systems administrator Kevin Rhodes. I’m an Eagle Scout, a Freemason, and an ordained minister.

Cormac’s entry in the Compendium Caidis
Cormac’s Order of Precedence Entry
Cormac’s Registered Names and Armory