How to Resign Your Awards in the SCA

The following letter template was created June 10, 2020, during the first months of COVID-19 lockdown, in response to several members of the SCA renouncing their awards via Facebook post. I have updated it to reflect the current SCA Inc. corporate office address.

For reference, the following passages appear in the SCA Governing Documents as of June 11, 2024.

Corpora Section VIII.A.3:

3. Departure from the Peerage

Any member of an order conferring a Patent of Arms may resign from that order. To leave a Patent Order, the member must send a written resignation to the Crown, the Principal of the Order (if any), the Principal Herald, and the Board. The Crown bestows membership in Patent Orders. No ‘interchangeability’ exists from one order to another (as Knight to Master or Laurel to Pelican), and the acceptance of a person who has so resigned an order into any other order is solely at the discretion of the Crown according to the laws and customs of the kingdom.

Corpora Section VIII.B.3:

3. An armiger may resign any award or order. To do so requires a written statement, sent to the current royalty of the level which bestowed the award, the Principal of the Order, if any, the Principal Herald and the Board.

Corporate Office, SCA, Inc.
P.O. Box 611928
San Jose, CA 95161

Dear SCA Board of Directors,

Pursuant to Corpora Sections VIII.A.3 and VIII.B.3, I hereby resign all my awards and orders within the SCA, effective immediately.


[Modern name]/[SCA Name]

Crown of [your current kingdom]
Principal Herald[s] of [any kingdoms where you got awards and current kingdom]
Principals of the Order of [Peerage or other polling orders] for [kingdom where you joined the Order and current kingdom, if different]