Poll – Book of Trades Plates

As part of my aspiration to start a business doing brass etching, I’ve found a source of woodcuts from Jost Amman, known as the Book of Trades.

Published in the 1560s in Nuremberg, this book has 114 depictions of people doing various jobs, from popes and emperors to peddlers and peasants. My plan is to etch these images onto a 4″x6″ plate, and possibly smaller plates as well (one idea is to make links for a collar of estate, for those Laurels who collect art forms).

Some of these plates are likely to be more interesting than others for an SCA audience, and the project itself is ridiculously large in scope, so I would likely be etching and releasing the plates in batches. I’ve grouped the trades into different categories, and I want to hear from you about which batch seems most interesting.

The batches are as follows:
Nobility – Emperor, King, Prince, Patrician

Religious – Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, Priest, Monk, Pilgrim, Jew

Let’s make a book! – Type Founder, Engraver/Blockcutter, Papermaker, Parchment Maker, Printer, Illuminator, Bookbinder

Let’s make garb! – Embroiderer, Bag Maker, Belt Maker, Tailor, Furrier, Dyer, Weaver, Hatter, Shoemaker, Thimble Maker, Tanner, Cloth shearer, Needle Maker, Pin Maker, Tapestry Maker (duplicate of weaver)

Let’s build something! – Draughtsman, Stonemason, Brick Maker, Carpenter, Cabinet Maker, Wagon Maker, Cooper, Turner, Rope Maker, Miner

Let’s make music! – Bell Founder, Bell Maker, Singer, Lute Maker, Organist, Harp, Lute, and Horn Players, String Players, Wind Players, Drummers

Fine art – Sculptor, Painter, Glazier, Stained Glass Painter, Gem Cutter

Culinary arts – Butcher, Hunter, Cook, Miller, Baker, Peasant, Beer Brewer, Fowler, Fisherman, Oil Maker, Vine Grower

Health – Physician, Pharmacist, Barber Surgeon, Eyeglass Maker, Dentist

Grooming – Bath-House Proprietor, Brush Maker, Comb Maker, Basin Maker, Mirror Maker

Martial Trades – Cutler, Spur Maker, Gunsmith, Armourer, Mail Armour Maker, Crossbow Maker, Rifle Butt Maker

Metalsmiths – Goldsmith, Gold Leaf Maker, Coppersmith, Brass Founder, Blacksmith, Pewterer, Wire Drawer

Mercantilism – Merchant, Coin Minter, Peddler, Sailor

Tools – Strap Maker, Locksmith, Tool Maker, Clockmaker, Nail Maker, Scythe Maker, Scale Maker, Lantern Maker, Saddler, Potter, Knife Grinder, Sieve Maker

Fools – Avaricious Fool, Gluttonous Fool, Peddling Jester, Fool with Stick

Academia – Lawyer, Astronomer

Please let me know: which of these categories most interest you?

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