New Article: Marshalling in the SCA!

New article up at Poore House!

Today we’re discussing the heraldic practice of marshalling, or combining two or more sets of arms to create a new mode of heraldic display. This article discusses three different methods of marshalling, including dimidiation, impalement, and quartering.
If ever you’ve wanted to express love for someone through heraldry but didn’t know where to begin, this is the primer for you.

Marshalling in the SCA

New Article: An Tir Armory

New article up at Poore House!

This page contains all of the armory (royal arms, badges, etc.) registered to the Kingdom of An Tir. In exploring this project, I discovered several gems from An Tir’s history!
Regional populace badges! Ancient guilds! Privateers!

An Tir Armory

New Article: Court Layout for Peerage Elevations

New article up at Poore House This one is a bit of a logistics discussion, focusing on the layout of courts to improve the flow of movement during peerage elevations. It’s definitely targeted towards those in charge of organizing and running courts, but I trust that the issue it’s trying to solve and the logic of the proposed new layout will be of interest to more than ceremony wonks.

Court Layout for Peerage Elevations