Armorial of Precedence Update

News on the Armorial of Precedence! I have updated the listings to include the newest Barony (known to me – let me know if another has been created recently), the Barony of Buckland Cross.

In related news, Master Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim, the Society Archivist, will soon be providing me with access to scans of the Board minutes. Assuming the records are complete and accurate (difficult in the early years to say the least) I should be able to extend the Armorial to include Shires by order of recognition from the Board of Directors.

SCA Corpora Audiobook Sample

Half on a whim, and half prompted by a request from two friends who expressed a desire to hear me do it, I recorded myself reading part of the SCA Governing Documents as an audiobook sample. I present the product here. It was done quickly, and there are sections of the text that I’d redo if I were to revisit it, but it should give some of you a chuckle if you have the same sense of humor I do.

If anyone thinks it would be a good idea to finish this project, either for laughs or because they find it a useful tool, and is willing to help offset the amount of time and effort it would take to finish it, please contact me.

Intro music: “Allegretto” by Dee Yan-Key.–Dee_Yan-Key-Allegretto
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